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What's in store for the Year of the Wood Dragon Year ?

2024 marks the beginning of a new feng shui period according to Flying Star Feng Shui. The gradual shift in energies already started back in 2020 when COVID hit the world. And in 2022, the Russian-Ukraine War drastically altered the economic and political landscape of Europe forever. Almost overnight, great fortunes were lost and as a result of these two major events, new fortunes continue to be made. This disruptive trend will continue to rise for a few more years and on Feb 4th 2024, we officially say goodbye to the Period of 8 and enter into the new Period of 9. The new period will last for another 20 years!

In the Period of 9, we'll see two opposite elements of fire (direct spirit) and water (indirect spirit) interacting frequently to create a powerful new energy force that can be either be very beneficial or very destructive. How will this affect you, and what can you do about it?

There is alot I have to share with you so I've designed two different seminars to address what's coming up for this year, and the next 20 years!

In my first seminar, I'll explain what the feng shui winds of the Year of the Wood Dragon brings for you and your family in 2024. As with previous years, my Year of the Wood Dragon seminar will cover...

Predictions from the Tung Sin Almanac

Insights from the year's Bazi chart!

Luck Summaries for all 12 Animal Signs

Auspicious Sectors that bring wealth in 2024

Inauspicious Sectors that bring misfortune in 2024

Three locations you cannot renovate in 2024

ONE super amulet that everyone needs for this year

Live Q&A after the seminar.

Unlimited video replays up till 5th of February 2024.

Period of 9 is coming!

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Secondly, if you are really serious about taking control of what the Period of 9 offers, sign up for my Flying Star Feng Shui for the Period of 9 2-Day Seminar. The video replay will be available until 31st December 2024. A generous discount (and a 3 month payment plan) will be offered if you purchase it today along with my ticket for the Feng Shui and Astrology for the Year of the Wood Dragon! (Purchase offer will be shown on the next page after you click "Place Your Order" below).

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Slide Handouts (pdf format)

Download and print my Year of the Wood Dragon seminar slides! This will save you lots of time in noting down the dates and cures for reference. Slide handouts (in pdf format) will be available in your course dashboard about a day before the live webinar.

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Bonus: How to Place cures in a House Or Apartment

Bonus Videos: How to Place cures in a House or Apartment

Learn the pro techniques I use to demarcate the 9 sectors in a home and position your cures and enhancers effectively! Plus, bonus explanations about monthly flying stars!  I normally charge USD 500 to do this for you - but now you can learn to do it yourself for USD 19.99! The videos are already there and you can start watching them immediately after enrollment. 

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